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Products Liability

Maryland Lawyers Advocate for Clients Injured by Defective Products

Reputable firm brings actions against negligent manufacturers and designers

A product that is poorly designed or manufactured creates a potential threat to anyone who uses it. If you or someone you love has suffered due to a defective item, obtaining justice might seem an uphill battle. At Holzman & Associates, L.L.C. in Baltimore, we’re accomplished advocates who take on large companies and other negligent businesses in personal injury and wrongful death actions. Across the area, we’ve won cases and secured substantial settlements for more than 50 years. Whether your situation involves a household product, a vehicle, an industrial machine or some other faulty item, it’s best to get a true perspective on your claim before determining how to proceed. We’ll assert your rights effectively and make sure that you aren’t forced into an unfair settlement.

Thorough lawyers handle cases pertaining to all types of flawed products

Throughout Maryland, our firm challenges large and small companies that have not upheld their responsibility to protect the people who use their:

  • Household products — If you’re hurt when a piece of furniture fails or a household cleaner makes you ill, we’ll see if the injury can be traced to the manufacturer’s negligence.
  • Building and construction materials — Construction and repair projects are only as good as the materials used to complete them. Our firm handles litigation for plaintiffs who’ve suffered due to faulty products that have led to mold infestations, building collapses and other casualties.
  • Drugs and medical devices — Negligently made prescription drugs and medical devices can trigger additional harm for people already dealing with a medical condition. We bring in expert assistance when necessary to show that the defective item made the situation worse.
  • Vehicles and their parts — Cars and trucks have thousands of parts, and even a small flaw in one of them could have a devastating impact. When it seems that a vehicle crash was triggered by a vehicle or part that didn’t work correctly, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation to see if liability exists.

No matter what specific type of personal injury you’ve suffered, we’ll press to win a result that compensates you for your medical costs, time missed from work, pain and suffering and other losses. If the defendant knew of the dangerous product and still put it on the market, we might also be able to obtain punitive damages.

Products liability attorneys work to maximize victims’ compensation

Our firm provides a free initial consultation in product liability cases where we can discuss compensation that might be warranted based on problems with:

  • Design — Sometimes a product is dangerous from its very conception. We can bring in subject matter experts to demonstrate that an injury stemmed from faulty design.
  • Manufacture — An overlooked mistake during the manufacturing process can put anyone who uses that product in danger.
  • Labeling and failure to warn — Prescription pharmaceuticals and other ingestible items that are potentially harmful should be clearly identified and labeled. If regulations were violated or required warnings weren’t given, our lawyers will advocate for suitable compensation.

By focusing on each client’s situation and needs, we maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome while easing the burden associated with the litigation process. We accommodate clients who require flexible scheduling and meetings at their home or hospital.

Contact an established Maryland products liability lawyer for a free consultation

Holzman & Associates, L.L.C. handles all types of product liability cases for Maryland plaintiffs, including cases pertaining to household items and faulty workplace machinery. To make an appointment for a free consultation at our Baltimore office, please call 410-539-4222 or contact us online.

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